Duke of Edinburgh Outward Bound

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Duke of Edinburgh Outward Bound

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Duke of Edinburgh Outward bound

Duke of Edinburgh Outward bound

Duke of Edinburgh Outward Bound

Attended DofE in Eskdale. It was part of my personal development plan during my time as an apprentice with SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals. My new manager thought it would be ‘beneficial’ – either that or he just wanted respite from me for a week as a young engineer thirsty for knowledge I questioned everything constantly!!

I have always described it as one of the best yet worst weeks of my life. This was in no small part to experiencing some amazing highs and equally, many amazing challenges.

Brought to life for me the meaning of the title of the Rhonda Bryne book entitled ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway’

Highlights for me?

– Being driven early one morning to a nearby bridge and jumping off 20ft into a freezing Cumbrian lake – only problem?, I was the only member of the group not able to swim.

As a measure of how much was achieved by that time, the fear of heights or drowning was nowhere in the forefront of my mind, it was simply a matter of what would be the safest and most particle means of getting me out the water once I took the plunge. The solution to tie two ropes around my waist to pull me out of the water worked fine! – prior to the week, you would not have got me to dip in a toe!

Duke of Edinburgh Outward bound

– Climbing Scarfell Pike and for a moment, being the highest person in England – The fact that the clouds were low and visibility was only 5ft, only slightly diminished the feeling of total elation. It might as well have been Everest, the feeling of accomplishment could not have been higher for this city boy

Duke of Edinburgh Outward Bound

– And at the age of 20, it also found me my first true love who I met on the course and even though she now lives the other side of the world, we are still in contact today

– An inspirational instructor in Tony Purssell (who I am also still in contact with) – It felt like you wanted to succeeded every challenge for him and the group, as much as for yourself

I am in no doubt that this one weeks experience laid the foundations for the Positive Mental Attitude that has served me so well throughout the years every since, within every aspect of my life. On the course I drew strength and courage from others within the group to achieve some amazing things, however, the true lesson was that the strength and courage came from within and has done ever since. The more amazing thing is being able to instil that in others, when they are going through life challenges – Allow positivity to become a way of thinking, a way of life

Duke of Edinburgh Outward Bound

The best example I can give is that 6 years ago I shattered my wrist in an accident. Surgeon and physio prognosis was ’60-70% Functions Returning’ with little hope of performing music for a living – My prognosis was nothing short of 100% would be acceptable, and so a plate, 8 screws and 6 years of mental toughness, belief, healing and recovery has resulted in where I am today, back doing what I love, performing music one again

National service may no longer be an option, but I believe the DofE experience should be mandatory as part of every young persons education and personal development

Pls excuse the typos  Dyslexia continues to be another life challenge!



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