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getting in the top 10 of a Google search

Getting in the top 10 of a Google search

Get your Landing page Ranked


In this article I’m going to give you some of my top tips for getting in the top 10 of a Google search. I do not believe in black hat tactics or tricks that only result in a temporary Google listing. I do believe I’m getting any website or blog quickly ranked in Google and I do believe in the honest methods that will give you a good position and long-lasting position in the top 10.

Okay let’s make this very simple. Google is concerned with only one thing and that is giving the surfer, which is their customer, 100% satisfaction. Google wants to know that it is sending a server or search to a blog or website that is relevant to the search and contains a good quality content.

So this is the first thing to do. Make sure that your blog or website is jam packed with good quality and relevant content for the search you are wishing to show up for on the front page of Google. For example, if you want to appear in the top 10 for the phrase how to lose weight quick. Make sure your website is exactly about that subject, how to lose weight quick.

Next Google will always look for a website that gives links to other relevant websites. So ensure that somewhere on your website you are linking to other relevant blogs or websites on the same or similar subject. A lot of people ignore this because they believe their visitors will click on the link and go to another site. Yes, that may happen, but if your site is in the top 10 on Google you will be getting a lot of hits and you can afford to lose a few to another website.

Back links. This is essential. And here is my secret technique that will get you lots of back links very easily from good quality websites.

Go to Google and search for Keyword Luv or Comment Luv and your desired keyword phrase. Google will list blogs and websites with the two Luv functions or plug-ins. Go to these websites and comment on some of the posts with a back link to your blog or website. There are usually instructions on each blog or website that uses the Luv functions and how to do this.

This is a very quick method for getting excellent back links and often you can get hundreds in a very short space of time.

Getting in the top 10 of Google for desired keyword phrase is not as difficult as you may think. And can be incredibly lucrative.

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