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M and G Home Business

M&GHB gives you at least 300 new qualified leads per day … on Autopilot – build your list by over 9000 per month. A list is your greatest asset as a marketer

“I’ve been making my living online for years and I have never seen an organisation give so much to it’s members for so little. The fact that Michael and Glenn are dedicating themselves to the success of OTHERS is truly inspiring.”

Anna Maria Fisher – Boston, MA

“I’ve learned that the only way to really enjoy long-term financial success is to help other people make money.”

Michael Flores – Broomall, PA

M and G Home Business



This is being used by the Big Companies and their teams

 300 new leads per day (every day)

 If only 1% opt in – that’s 90 new people a month looking at your business

 Everything is done – all auto-responders are set up with your business link

 You just give them your name, contact number, email address and business web page and the rest is done for you….

 You can download your leads every day and move them to another list (if you want)

 You get notified by email when someone is on your website with their details including a telephone number – THINK- you can call them whilst they are looking at your business!!!!

 PLUS – you can share this with others and receive 100% commission immediately and then get paid on several levels thereafter….

The price is $49 to join and then $39 each month thereafter – that works out at $0.43 per lead on my rough figures plus you can cover your monthly by sharing it with 2 or 3 people so your leads are FREE!




If You’ve Ever Wondered How The Gurus Make Money… This Is How!

The gurus have massive teams that follow them everywhere they go. By building a loyal and excited team you are guaranteed a huge downline in whatever business you decide to join. We are giving you the power to earn income while your team is built for you. Your income increases as your team grows and then we put you in overdrive by bringing you into our 2nd business and your entire team follows you there. It’s Foolproof!


If you would like to know a little more first – here is a hangout you can watch

M&G Home Business Youtube

BUT ONE TIP FOR YOU: This lead source is spreading like wildfire!!

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