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Together We Earn – Forever we prosper

together we earn forever we prosper

Zig Ziglar once said …

“If you help others get what they want first, you will get what you want”

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Roland Leveille

Roland Leveille

Welcome to Together We Earn!! 

Louise Cardow and I would like to welcome you to Together We Earn !!

 Our Goal

Our group is dedicated to helping each other build successful internet businesses.
By networking together, building Teams and providing all the resources any entrepreneur would need
We are here to help each other reach financial freedom

We know how hard it is like to try and make a living from the net and we know how difficult it is to try and do it by your self.

In fact research has shown that

97% of internet marketers fail to succeed on line !

That the average marketer only recruits 2 to 3 members into their business!

We want to help change that!!

At Together We Earn we want to see people succeed with their online endeavours.

Helping OUR downline succeed means that WE succeed.

Zig Ziglar once said,” If you help others get what they want first, you will get what you want.”

The intention for this site is for our members to be able to grow their downline, learn how to recruit,

know where the best places to market are, for members to help members and to make it a place

where members can come for help, tips, resources, ideas and to socialize.

– Place like Home.

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We have only just started with this site – So please bear that in mind

– This is a work in progress and there will be a lot of changes.

Always Changing – Always Improving.

Your input, ideas, suggestions, support and activity will all go towards

making Together We Earn what YOU want it to be.

Add your Profile. We want to know WHO you are. Your likes and dislikes.

Feel free to ad your favorite music, holiday and favorite pic’s.

Together We Earn will grow because of YOUR involvement.

Telling friends and acquaintances, using the facilities that we have in place,

such as the Twitter and FaceBook applications. Joining the Groups

is a sure way to learn about the programs and getting to meet different members.

We also have live chat. get to know your fellow members – Don’t be shy –

The more people that you connect with the more chance you have in picking up some knowledge,

a friend, a follower and in doing so growing YOUR Social network!! 

Make sure to go through all the site. As this site grows we will be constantly adding new tips and ideas,

advertising resources, and programs that we feel that you will benefit from.

Also in Together We Earn you will be the first to be notified of new launches as they come to me.

A few of you may know that I am often invited to new launches and JV’s.

This will give you a great chance of getting in before the masses and in so giving you the chance to promote early.

We hope that you enjoy spending your time with us, that you become part of the FAMILY,

and look forward to getting to know you so that Together We Earn.


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