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The Wine Find Guide

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The Wine Find Guide

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The Wine Find Guide

It was not long ago that most people thought that in order to buy a good wine, it had to be produced in countries such as Italy and France. But over the last few decades, California wine has made many people change their minds with the production of excellent red and white wine.

Wine is a unique type of beverage because of its many different types. In addition, the region where wine is produced also is an important factor. California wine comes from many different vineyards that have produced outstanding competition for French and Italian wine.

People in the United States are just beginning to experience what Europeans have known for centuries; the pleasure of wine with a meal turns an ordinary event into a memorable occasion. Beside the relaxing effect of wine there are health benefits as well; grapes have many properties that aid the digestion of food and help support the body’s immune system.

Here is a basic guideline to help you choose the perfect California red or white wine for your next meal:

MERLOT: The full flavor and deep, rich overtones of Merlot is why many people enjoy this California wine with Italian pasta dishes or red meat. .

CABERNET SAUVIGNON: If you prefer a robust red wine, the distinctive character of Cabernet Sauvignon, has made this California wine one of the most popular in the world. It is usually served with Italian pasta dishes, seafood or red meat.

RED ZINFANDEL: As one of the premier California wines Red Zinfandel tops the list at many fine restaurants throughout the world. This wine is very popular because of its versatility that allows it to be enjoyed with all types of food.

PINOT NOIR: Compared to other California red wines, the tone of Pinot Noir is more subtle. If you prefer your red wine with full body but the light flavor you will find this one goes well with fish, beef or pasta dishes.

CHARDONNAY: Of all the white wines produced in California, Chardonnay is one of the most delicious to serve with fish, poultry and some pasta dishes. Depending on the region where it is produced this California wine can range from rich and fruity to dry and bold.

SAUVIGNON BLANC: One of the California wines with a lighter body is Sauvignon Blanc. For seafood and poultry lovers this wine can be found in a choice of sweet or dry depending on the region of production.

RIESLING: This white wine enhances the flavor of poultry and seafood entrees beautifully. Riesling is a favored California wine because of its sweet nature and light quality.

WHITE ZINFANDEL: The crisp, distinct flavor of White Zinfandel has made it a beloved California wine for decades. The beautiful rosé tint accents its light flavor which makes it a favorite for luncheons.

If you have yet to sample the wonderful variety available in California wine you’ll be amazed at the differences you will find between the flavors of wines from different vineyards. Napa Valley is one of the most well known wine producing regions in northern California, but there are vineyards in the San Francisco Bay area, the Sierra Foothills and the South Coast and Central Valley, in each one of these regions are vineyards that produce some of the finest wines in the world.

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