Black Cap Farm Wedding Fiasco

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Black Cap Farm Wedding Fiasco

Black Cap Farm Wedding Fiasco

by GaryTrotman

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The Wedding Day – at Black Cap Farm

I was very much looking forward to the wedding reception at Black Cap Farm where Steelasophical Solo was booked to perform for the wedding day drinks reception.

Because of my love for photography, I was especially looking forward to capturing some photographic shots of this amazing erection that I was being told about – a special collection of 5 large Teepee’s

Unknown Black Cap Farm Weddings

Upon request the Bride and Groom sent through to me the CAD drawing of the 5 tent design, showing layout and logictsics (entrances, power point, catering facilities etc) and also a link to the website of the marquee company (their units looked amazing).
These were Giant sized Teepees that looked stunning, bespoke, unique and I could not wait to see them in situ, as having a thing for photography and having the privilage of performing at some of the most amazing locations around the UK, I was so looking forward to getting some great shots of this structure

Arrived at the venue a couple of hours early (as per usual), and to my surprise there was a single, rather large, standard white marquee in situ. I had to check through the details again just to be sure I arrived at the correct venue or that there were not two weddings happening at the same venue at the same time; but all indications were that the location was indeed correct

Having made my way gigerly across a very muddy field entrance, I navigated down to the marquee entrance and headed through to the catering section where I was greeted by the lovely head chef, keen to share some rather nice home made bread, dipped in a glass jar of extra virgin olive oil, olives and peppers (I digress – but yummy to the core) and this was when she informed me of the previous days events!!

Apparently, the lovely set of 5 tee-pees were erected on schedule the pervious morning and looked stunning ….. for all of 15 mins!

No sooner were they put up, they fell crashing to the ground as they were not strong enough to withstand the wind and rain on this rather exposed hill top location

The most unforgivable thing then took place. The marquee contractors packed away their items onto their lorry, basically informing the groom ‘this aint gonna work, you’re on your own now mate’

The Teepee made sense, as it followed the whole natural back to nature country theme for the day!

What should and could have greeted everyone on the day!

So the poor groom had to quickly find an alternative company ‘that same afternoon’ to provide a marquee at very, very short notice and save the day!! This he achieved, amazingly when you think the teepee company took up the first 4 hours of the day

Anyway, a local company was sourced and they make a great job of installing a very large, strong standard marquee, and the decor was fab too

The Music

The Steel band music went down a treat for the bride, groom and 200+ family members and guests.

We provided a duo even though a solo was booked, as we had another performance to attend that evening as a duo ensemble, so thought it a nice touch to bring some added value as the two of us were there anyway!

Unknown-9 Black Cap Farm Weddings Unknown-7 Unknown-8 Black Cap Farm Weddings

Above are some photographs I took on the day prior to guests arriving:

1 – Lovely unique cake .. with the bride and groom sharing the top platform with their sheep dog, with a number of roaming sheep below them

2 – Although it looks very cloudy and overcast, the sky was actually a lot more brighter and bluer than depicted in this shot, but I wanted to add and reflect the drama of the previous day. This is really a nice location with far ranging views. Very much reminds me of recent wedding receptions performed down in Cornwall (without the 5 hour drive)

3 – This is a remote shot of the Black Cap Farm House

Unknown-2 Black Cap Farm Weddings

The drinks flowed and every one talked, walked, mixed and mingled throughout the two hours before siting down for the wedding breakfast

One of the beautiful things about arriving and setting up early, is being prepared (as on this occasion), for the early arrival of everyone from the church wedding ceremony! .. in this case, they arrived 20 mins earlier than planned. mainly due to the poor weather, there was not the want to hang around the church for too long taking pictures in cold, damp wet, but were greeted with the sweet sound of Caribbean Steel Drums to help warm them up and get them into the mood

The music provided the perfect backdrop for the occasion .. with varied selection of songs in many genres .. from Traditional Caribbean to Jazz, Cha Cha and Bolero

It was very enjoyable conversing with the guests too. I have perfected the art it seems, of playing at talking at the same time 🙂

Although an english family, a few of the guests spend a lot of time around the Caribbean and a couple of couples flew over from Barbados, where they have lived since 2003, to be with family and enjoy the celebrations


We performed slightly longer than programmed, as the combination of nibbles, chat, music and general ambience meant the sitting down to dinner happened 10 mins after the scheduled time, so in all, the client achieved amazing value from Steelasophical .. a duo band even though they chose the solo option, and an extra 30mins of our music too!!

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