ponder desires for your wedding ceremony

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ponder desires for your wedding ceremony

Ponder desires for your wedding ceremony

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As you ponder what you want and desire for your wedding ceremony, you have a lot to think about.

Do you want a lifetime moment that is traditional, contemporary or on the edge? Do you envision a small and intimate gathering or a big and fancy formal affair? How do you want your ceremony to feel?

Here are 5 tips to help you create an authentic and beautiful wedding ceremony, whether your guest list is 2 or 200!

1) Get Really Clear About What You Want: This sounds actually easier than it is. A wedding ceremony brings up a lot of emotion and “stuff” for people. As you think about what you want and desire, you need to get really clear about what you want to accomplish with your wedding ritual and how you want to do this.

If a small and intimate ceremony feels comfortable to you, do it. If you want a splashy formal affair with lots of people around you, do it. You see, there is no right or wrong with when it comes to what you want for your wedding day. You just need to get clear on what is right for the two of you: date and time, size of guest list, venue location, type of ceremony, person officiating your ceremony, etc.

2) Your Venue/Location Sets The Tone: Selecting a venue/location for your ceremony is key to setting the tone for your wedding day. If you are being married outside of a formal religious institution, you have a lot of latitude in terms of where to “do” your ceremony. As you ponder a location for your ceremony, consider the time of year and what appeals to you: at a popular park, in a chapel, on the side of a mountain, on the waterfront or high bluff over looking water or perhaps the comfortable appeal of a friend’s home, etc.

3) Person To Marry You – Who? You can’t get married without an Officiant! If you are being in a church or synagogue, a person usually comes along with the venue to perform your ceremony. If you are being married elsewhere, you’ve got to find someone to get you hitched.

And you’ve got choices. Do you want to hire a professional Officiant or Minister to create and deliver your wedding ceremony? What about having a family member or friend work with the two of you to officiate your ceremony? Again, there is no right or wrong way to do this – it’s what you want and don’t want for your “get married” moment.

Tip: If you are going to select an Officiant/Minister, do this sooner than later as many schedules fill up quickly, especially for the popular Summer months. In other words, don’t wait until the last minute.

4) Involving Your Family and Friends – Wisely. As you look at your wedding ceremony, you will have to figure out who is going to be involved – or better yet, who do you want involved? Many ceremonies today involve family and friends in many varied ways from lighting candles to walking a beloved dog down the aisle to a group reading or perhaps a special surprise within a ceremony. There is no better way to honor your “tribe” than by finding authentic and fun parts for your people to play within your ceremony.

Tip: A fun idea is to involve your wedding party in your ceremony. Work with the person officiating your ceremony to come up with a lively and creative option for using the talents of the people standing up with you – this creates much fun and joy for your wedding ceremony.

5) Have Fun With Your Wedding Ceremony! So many wedding ceremonies are serious and somber business. A contemporary, elegant, joyful and “fun” ceremony sets the tone for a beautiful lifetime moment. So, remember to incorporate a little elegant humor and fun into your ceremony!

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