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 Steelasophical Website

Steelasophical Website

Steelasophical Steel Band Website


We bring the Caribbean to you


  • Caribbean music albums selling worldwide in over 42 countries
  • Music used in the James Bond 007 movie Casino Royale
  • Winning musical entertainment performance on TV’s Come Dine With Me
  • Music professionals

Caribbean Steel Drum Band

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Steelasophical is arguably at the true evolution of Caribbean Steeldrum  musical entertainment
Traditional Caribbean steelbands can be great, I know this because I spent over 15 years performing with many of the very best bands and musicians in the UK. There are also more steelbands around today than there has ever been. There is even a website out there boasting 100 steelbands on their books, covering the entire country!! Yet the bands they recommend they have not seen all perform personally (I know this because I declined to be a party to it) .. so it can be pot-luck!
steelasophical steel band hire
Steelasophical Is 100% professional .. this is not a weekend hobby nor a group of musicians getting together to busk on your special day.
I even know of a top named band that splits into as many as 4 bands of sessions musicians all claiming to be the original band, yet trading on the name and reputation .. again pot-luck as to what the client will experience .. I’ve been there and seen it all and still seeing the effects of poor service that continues to this day .. BUT through this, I have learned so much .. which is where this evolution truly comes to life!
Steelasophical wedding steel band duo
Steelasophical is arguably at the true evolution of Caribbean musical entertainment
From the softest and gentlest of music for meet, greet, wine and dine … to the loudest liveliest and energetic of music, we have it all
steelasophical steel band
Add into the mix options of backdrops, Mood Lighting, PA hire,
Gazebo and an amazing Line Array technology PA system (Maui 28 by LD Systems) where a
BIG carnival full band sound is required or where only a true Caribbean mobile DJ service will do!
What we offer:
  • Unique Steeldrum Soloist
  • Unique Steeldrum Duo
  • Caribbean Video Music Dj
  • Multimedia Audio / Visual
  • Professional DMX disco and venue ambient controlled lighting
  • PA Hire
  • Back drops and Banners
  • Photography
  • Decor
  • Professionalism


Revolution Bar, Bournemouth Steelasophical Caribbean Steel Drum Band and Mobile DJ from £535-1
Leading provider of ‘Steel band’ Caribbean Steeldrum Music, Music DJ, Video DJ, Professional DMX Controlled Lighting, Wall Washing Scene Lighting and large Video Projection. No one else provides these many quality service items in such a professional manner. With music sold in over 40 Countries, a track Licensed to SONY MUSIC and used in a JAMES BOND Movie, and media sold in every major music reseller around the world.
Gary Trotman Steelasophical
Managed to ‘sell Ice to the Eskimos’ with albums sold at the largest music store in Trinidad and as far flung as Japan and Australia. Are we expensive? we believe we give great value for something so professional and unique.
There are many many cheaper, but hidden items make it a non fair level playing field. Unlike most, we are fully legally compliant with
[£10,000,000 Public liability insurance],
PAT certification,
Pro-dub licenses,
Membership of MCPS, PRS, MU and BAS 
Highly experienced with over 500+ weddings700+ private bookings, 370+ corporate bookings .. traveling not only the length and breadth of the UK (including Isle pof wight, Jersey, Guernsey, Wales, Ireland) .. to Havana Cuba and out in the far east to the state of Doha.  
For over 20 years I have performed from every type of Caribbean music acts (Traditional Steelbands, Steelband Combo’s, Large London Steel Orchestras, Soca Bands, Reggae Bands, Rock bands, Jazz band, function bands and DJ … 
Steelasophical has been the result of the last 20+ years experiences and combining all of the benefits that experience has given. Have even performed on stage with Jimmy Hill (long story), Gordon Haskell and such venues as the London Palladium and The Royal Festival Hall
It takes a while for the concept of Steelasophical to hit home; how one or two performers can create such a fabulous sound, equal to and more than any combination of conventional Steel band .. the benefits of a ‘Steelasophical Steelband’ act are truly staggering. 
Steelasophical  from £535
One unique act that can do everything from the very soft and gentlest of all the way up to high energy dancing .. couple that with Music Dj, Video Dj, Pro Lighting and scenic wall wash lighting control. Steelasophical can also be enhanced with the choice of addition of Latin Percussion’s, Saxophone, Vocals, More Pans … a truly international brand and leading the way in musical entertainment . . .  take a look around this site (there so  much to see), view all the info and services available and drop me a line 
I look forward to the prospect of being able to be trusted in bringing a flava of the Caribbean to your special day
Steelasophical Website

Jumbie Jam Steel Pan


The Jumbie Jam is a fantastic instrument for music education. It is an easy and effective way to get students started immediately. Schools across the globe are now utilising the Jumbie Jam as a primary instrument in their music classes and programs.

Students are not overwhelmed or intimidated by the Jumbie Jam, ensuring an effective and immediate learning experience. The Jumbie Jam is smaller than a full-sized Steel Drum, with only 8 notes (which are labeled) as opposed to the complex and expensive 32- note full-sized drum. The Steel Drum is a multi-faceted instrument providing both percussive and melodic musical capabilities creating a well rounded musical experience. Originating in the country of Trinidad & Tobago it is a culturally rich instrument providing the opportunity for cross curricular studies.

Music directors are thrilled to implement a new, exciting and cultural instrument. Further enhancing the product, we have developed classroom curriculum providing guidance on implementing and expanding the instruments scope along with special labels and song books for individuals with Special Needs.

The Jumbie Jam was selected for a “Best Tools for Schools” award by NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants). The panel of diverse music educators identified the Jumbie Jam as music instrument that provides innovative solutions and opportunities for music learning. Also noted were Panyard’s teacher guides and song books assisting the teacher to incorporate the Jumbie Jam into their existing music classroom or teaching it as a new group instrument.


  • Pre-school
  • Grade School
  • Middle School
  • High School – (add to school band allowing Special Needs students to participate)
  • Special Needs
  • Gifted Programs
  • After School Programs
  • Outreach Programs
  • Music Academies
  • Community Center Programs
  • Religious Organisations
  • Senior Facilities
  • Music Therapy

You don’t have to know how to read music to play; the notes on the drum and in the song books are marked by the note letter. Any level player can enjoy immediate success even if they don’t know how to read music. Panyard offers a multitude of song books that include a Play-Along-CD allowing the player to play on their own or jam with the band. The books also include multiple parts providing material to create a Jumbie Jam band or can be played with other instruments promoting family music making.


  • High Quality Steel Drum for all ages and musical abilities – sounds as good as a professional instrument but at an affordable price – creates soothing sounds that are pleasant to listen to
  • Fully packaged ready to play – Comes in a colorful carrying case which includes, High Quality Steel Drum, Height Adjustable/Collapsible Stand, Mallets and Song Book with Play-Along-CD
  • Easy To Play – you don’t have to know how to read music! The notes on the drum and song books are marked by the note letter
  • Made in USA – Panyard, Inc. World Leaders in Steel Drums and Accessories (family owned and operated since 1990)
  • Award Winning – The Jumbie Jam has been selected for two distinct awards by the National Association of Music Merchants beginning with a “Best in Show” and followed by a “Best Tools for Schools” in 2010

The Jumbie Jam is packaged in a colorful carrying case which includes everything you need to get started:

  • Authentic Steel Drum Musical Instrument
  • Height Adjustable and Collapsible Stand
  • Playing Mallets
  • Beginner’s Guide & Song Book
  • Play-Along-CD allowing you to play on your own or “Jam with the Band”


Steelasophical Website

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